Resource Sheet 2

Australian Federal Congress Bill (1894)

Proposed by Dr John Quick; debated and accepted by the Australian Natives Association, Bendigo Branch; resolutions submitted to the Australasian Federation League, Sydney Branch.

  1. That each colony should elect, on its Parliamentary franchise, ten representatives to a Federal Congress.
  2. That the Congress should frame a federal Constitution.
  3. That, on a day to be arranged between the Governments, the Federal Constitution should be referred to the electors of each colony for acceptance or rejection.
  4. That if the Constitution were accepted by majorities in two or more colonies, it should be forwarded to the Imperial Government to be passed into law.

J Quick and RR Garran, The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1901.

'Why won't you join the ring?' cartoon from the Melbourne Punch, 14 December 1893 Melbourne Punch, 14 December 1893, National Library of Australia.

Why won’t you join the ring?

Brittania (to New South Wales):

Why won’t you join the ring with your sisters?

New South Wales:

Because Victoria proposed it, and I am not going to play Victoria’s game.