Investigation 4

How should Tasmanians remember and celebrate Federation today?

Federation was an important milestone in the history of Australia and Tasmania. Its significance has been commemorated in many ways over the years. Some landmarks include ‘Federal’ or ‘Federation’ in their name in honour of the forming of the Commonwealth of Australia. However, we do not have a national Federation monument or celebrate Federation with a special national day.

Using your knowledge and imagination, think of ways in which Tasmanians could commemorate Federation.

Your Task

Imagine how Federation could be celebrated in Tasmania.


  1. Days of national importance commemorate people and events that are significant to our history and culture. As a class, brainstorm a list of State and national celebrations and discuss the following questions.
    • What do they celebrate/commemorate?
    • How are they celebrated?
    • Are there any symbols, events or activities used on the day?
  2. In small groups, use what you have learnt about Federation to discuss why it is important to Tasmania’s historical and cultural heritage. Why is it worthy of being recognised and celebrated? Brainstorm, considering issues such as:
    • what is special about Australia;
    • what is special about Tasmania;
    • how Australia has changed since Federation; and
    • how Tasmania has changed since Federation.
  3. Your group is in charge of organising a Federation celebration for a particular place in Tasmania. Answer the following questions.
    • What are the most important aspects of Federation to celebrate and remember?
    • What symbols, activities, music or events will you use for your celebrations? What is special about the place you have chosen?
    • Who will you invite to the celebration? Why are you inviting them?
    • How will the celebration be promoted?
    • How would you like the celebrations to be remembered five years from now?
  4. Present your plan to the rest of the class. You can do this in a number of ways, for instance:
    • illustrated program brochure inviting the public to the celebrations;
    • report on how the celebrations will be organised and carried out; or
    • digital presentation of your plan for the celebration.