Investigation 4

Who were some other prominent people in Tasmania in the late 1800s?

Many Tasmanians of the late 1800s were working to improve the lives of others. They were committed to making a difference.

By exploring the lives of some of the colony’s prominent figures, we can learn about how they made a difference to the lives of others and what motivated them to take such active roles in their colony’s social and political life.

Do you think that their values, leadership qualities and motivations as active citizens would have been similar to those that are important today?

Your Task

Research a prominent person from Tasmania in the late 1800s and prepare a ‘learning centre’ about his or her life.


  1. Using resources such as books and the internet, research one of the following people: Andrew Inglis Clark, Philip Oakley Fysh, Adye Douglas, Henry Dobson or Neil Elliot Lewis. Gather information about their early life, their challenges and achievements, how their life has made a difference to others and what leadership qualities they possessed. Humorous anecdotes and famous quotes are also great inclusions.
  2. Present your research on a series of cards with a question on one side and its answer on the other. These question cards can be placed in a special box that you make. This will be part of your ‘learning centre’. Practise with a classmate to ensure that you can answer all of the questions that you have included in your question box.
  3. Prepare your ‘learning centre’. Include a number of props that represent your person’s life. Also include a reference list to show the resources that you used. You might like to dress up and take on the character of your person. Be creative!
  4. Organise ‘An afternoon with the prominent people of Tasmania’. With your teacher’s permission, you may want to invite parents, grandparents, friends and other classes to watch your presentations. Talk about your person’s life. Invite people to select cards from the box and ask you questions.