Resource Sheet 3

Sections of the Australian Constitution

Section 7:

All original States are entitled to the same number of Senators, and a minimum of six.

Section 24:

All original States are entitled to a minimum of five members in the House of Representatives.

Section 92:

Trade between the States shall be free of a duty or tax.

Section 95:

The Parliament of Western Australia, if that State is an Original State, may impose a tax on goods entering that State, if they have not come from overseas, on a sliding scale for a period of five years.

Section 114:

A State shall not have its own army.

Section 115:

A State shall not print its own money.

Section 117:

A State must treat members of other States as it does its own.

Section 119:

The Commonwealth is responsible for defending the States against invasion.

Section 121:

The Commonwealth Parliament can decide the number of representatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate for a new State.

Adapted from the Australian Constitution