What are you Thinking Now?

Now that you have completed the investigations in Celebrations and Futures, use your knowledge to explore connections to your life today. Do the following activity.

The Federation movement grew out of a desire to build the best possible future for Australia.

This way of thinking did not begin or end with Federation. In various ways, every new generation of Australians continues to look ahead. What current issues will need to be addressed to build the best possible future for Australia in the 21st century?

  1. Brainstorm issues that are important to you. Think about:
    • water and the environment
    • people, cultures and communities
    • health and education
    • the economy
    • national security, defence and peace
    • caring for the disadvantaged
    • Australian identity and values
  2. Use the following questions to help you reflect upon the kind of Australia you would like to see in the future.
    • What decisions have recently been made regarding the issues?
    • How do you feel about the decisions that have been made about the issues?
    • What positive decisions have been made about the issues? Why are they positive?
    • What negative decisions have been made about the issues? Why are they negative?
    • What could you, personally, do to help overcome negative decisions about the issues now or in the future?
    • How can you summarise your ideas?
    • What kind of future do you want for Australia, how might you be able to help make it a reality?
  3. Present your ideas for ‘Australia in the Future’ as either:
    • as a song or rap;
    • as a play or news report;
    • as a poster or digital presentation; or
    • in some other way.