What are you Thinking Now?

In Australia’s democracy, elections are held every three years to choose members of parliament. Referendums are held whenever a change to the Constitution is proposed. For a change to be made, the majority of people and the majority of States must vote ‘yes’. Citizens might have different opinions and vote differently, but they abide by the majority’s decision. Design a poster or create a digital presentation, about the importance of this quality in a democracy. You might also try to find a name for this quality or value.

  1. How important do you think local community groups and organisations are to your community? Use your local community paper or visit your Citizen’s Advice Bureau to research the work of your local community groups. Write a report or create a digital presentation of the work they do in your community. Add your own ideas of things that can be done to improve your community.
  2. How can citizens contribute to a positive future for their nation? What values are important for a country’s wellbeing? Think of a new national holiday that celebrates good citizenship. Give it a name, and imagine how it could be celebrated across the country.