What are you Thinking Now?

Now that you have completed the investigations in Road to Federation, use your knowledge to explore connections to your life today. Do one or more of the following activities.

  1. When the Australian colonies came together to discuss Federation, they had a set of principles that they all agreed could not be altered. What would be the minimum conditions in a set of class or school rules that you would like to see? What would you see as non-negotiable?
  2. Visit the websites of the Commonwealth Parliament and your State or Territory Parliament to find out about your representatives. What experiences have your representatives had outside of parliament that have prepared them for their roles? Compare your representatives to three other representatives. Are there similarities and differences? How representative of your community is your parliament? With your class, draw up a research plan to find out.
  3. Imagine you are in charge of planning the capital city of a new country. Write a description or draw a plan of the ideal location, how the city would be laid out and organised, and all the amenities you would like to be available to its citizens.