What are you Thinking Now?

Now that you have completed the investigations in People and Places, use your knowledge to explore connections to your life today. Do one or more of the following activities.

  1. You have been commissioned to establish a newspaper to report about the place where you live. You want to convey to readers in other parts of the country what your community or city looks, sounds, feels and smells like. Design your newspaper’s masthead. Create an outline to show the different sections that you will include in your newspaper, such as fashion, reviews, sports news or any other topics that are of interest to you. Write an editorial for your first edition, introducing readers to the aims of your newspaper.
  2. Create a ‘learning centre’ about a woman working in politics today. Research her life and recent activities by watching the news, reading newspapers and magazines, and searching the internet. Present the results of your research on a series of cards with a question on one side of the card and its answer on the other. Place the cards in a question box that you make and include it in a learning centre that you prepare. Find objects and props that represent your prominent woman’s life and political activities and display those in your centre. Invite your classmates to visit your centre.
  3. Construction of a railway line, known as the Ghan, began in 1878 at Port Augusta. The railway line was designed to connect South Australia and its Northern Territory. Research the history of the Ghan and how it operates today. Search for interesting and quirky facts to share with your classmates.