What are you Thinking Now?

Now that you have completed the investigations in Road to Federation, use your knowledge to explore the connections to your life today. Do one or more of the following activities.

  1. Writing letters or emails to the editor of a newspaper is a very important way of participating in public debate. Look at the letters page of a newspaper. What kinds of issues are people writing about? Choose one issue and collect letters about it over a period of five days. Summarise the different points of view expressed in the letters. Write a letter or email expressing your point of view.
  2. Think of an issue or event in your school or community that you would like to comment on. Write a short play, or invent characters for a computer game or puppet show to express your thoughts and opinions in a fun and creative way.
  3. With another student, think about how you would appeal to national unity in Australia today, and for what purposes. Design a print or electronic advertisement for ‘One Australia’, using your ideas about nationhood.