What are you Thinking Now?

Now that you have completed the investigations in People and Places, use your knowledge to explore connections to your life today. Do one or more of the following activities:

  1. Find out which countries are the biggest sources of migrants for Australia today. Using the data in this theme and the information from your research, decorate an outline of the map of the world depicting how immigration today compares to that of Australia at Federation. As a class, discuss if this has influenced Australian identity.
  2. Research the significance of the Queen’s Birthday holiday. How is it celebrated today in your State or Territory? Host a class debate about its continuing relevance to Australians.
  3. Conduct a debate or a class forum on the topic ‘Suffrage … does it matter?’ To prepare, in teams, research the right to vote as it applies today. In particular, consider the following questions:
    • Has the vote really meant equal representation for all?
    • Does education matter when you vote?
    • Is voting a right or a responsibility?
    • Should you be able to choose whether to vote or not?